Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Fairytale Wedding

Lets just say that pretty much my wedding day went PERFECT!! It's funny because so many people said "you know there are things that are gonna happen and not turn out the way you planned it but just try and make the best of it.  No need to stress!" Let me tell wedding stress! The days building up to it....lots of stress! I had so much help from my awesome family, that the day of, went flawless! I also hired Lettie Peterson as my wedding coordinator.  I couldn't have done it with out her! Everything turned out more amazing than I could have even dreamed of! When we left the reception I seriously wanted to turn around and do it all over again. I was so sad it was over! But at the same time I was ready for the honeymoon and for the fun to begin! Im not gonna lie, it was strange to be home from the honeymoon and have so much free time on my hands. I kinda missed planning a wedding and being stressed 24/7!

Here is our video from our bridal shoot!

 Here are a few of my favorite pics from our wedding day!  Our pictures were done by

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  1. hayley your wedding was unbelievable! you did such an awesome job!! miss you!!